Molded connectors

moldedcon_cimage.jpg2Connect develops a wide range of molded connectors that you can use for your specific applications. Our lean methods of designing, developing and producing guarantee quick and cost effective solutions. We ask the right questions to develop the products you really need.

RF series of rectangular connectors and FA series circular connectors are produced with the highest quality standards, e.g. ISO9001:2000. For rectangular connectors we incorporate the latest design features and fully up to date technical characteristics including wrap, solder, cable and crimp. We match your special requirements by changing numbers of contacts and types of termination. Circular connectors can be used for waterproof applications. We use very reliable cage clamp connections with lower contact resistance, shock proof standards and strong sealing.

By including 2Connect in a very early stage of development we assure you that the best possible (hybrid) solutions are available in a very short time.