2Connect designs, develops and produces cables, connectors, packaging and interconnection modules for a broad range of applications. Our knowledge of technical requirements and regulations makes us your reliable and cost effective partner for OEM and ODM. 


2Connect has a distinguished history in manufacturing for automotive markets. As your innovative partner we supply your interconnection products for automotive needs. 
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Health Care

2Connect has very good knowledge of specific needs for health care markets. We develop and produce for OEM and ODM healthcare equipment manufacturers in the world according to the highest standards.
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Sensor industry

Our production in the sensor area is based on our expertise of cable assembly and injection molding technology. Sensors are developed in good partnership with a fast, high quality and cost effective production in our global facilities. 
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High tech equipment

2Connect takes care of all your cable, molded connector, packaging and interconnection needs: from general industrial machinery and equipment to high tech automated applications. We offer you the durable and fully reliable solutions. 
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Green technology

2Connect develops green technology concepts and takes care of the ecological aspects of interconnection solutions. With an environmentally friendly production process we create excellent products you need to meet with high quality standards.
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